From pregnancy to new parents: One meal at a time

from pregnancy to new parents: one meal at a time


I'm on a mission to overhaul the way we see food during pregnancy and early parenthood. All too often cooking whilst pregnant becomes more about what you can't have, rather than what you can, and eating well with a newborn at home is a struggle due to the thousands of things you have to do before you can even think about your own dinner.

At Dad's Table provides you with over 100 easy to make and healthy meals separated into the differing nutritional requirements of each trimester and those first few crazy months at home.  Our food is healthy, quick to make and most importantly tastes good no matter who is sharing your table.

Great food with you throughout your pregnancy


Each dish takes no more than 30 minutes to make and includes a nutritional guide explaining the benefits to mum and baby of each ingredient. Roughly one third of recipes are suitable for vegetarians, and ideas are given for freezer food preparation and food to make in advance. As a woman's nutritional needs and appetite changes throughout her pregnancy we are on hand with dishes specifically tailored to each trimester.

Get ideas on what extra ingredients you can add to boost vitamins and minerals comfortable in the knowledge that  mum, dad and your unborn baby are eating well. 

Delicious food for sleep-deprieved new parents


Nothing prepares you for that day when you bring your baby home for the first time, and with an exhausting daily-to-do list needing to be continually completed as well as jobs to be returned to and daily commutes to endure, healthy home cooked food is often sacrificed.  With At Dad's Table we feature quick and easy recipes for exhausted parents trying to get everything done whilst still eating well themselves. With advice on energy-boosting foods, meals perfect for breastfeeding mums, batch cooking and dishes to cook and eat whilst holding a baby we focus on the food so you don't have to.

'Everyone's favourite parenting chef' -Selfish Mother

About me


I'm a passionate chef, new Dad and recent graduate from Leiths School of Food and Wine in London who is on a mission to overhaul the way we think about food in pregnancy and early parenthood. When my wife first became pregnant I couldn't wait to start researching what were the best dishes to make for her to ensure both her and our baby were getting enough of the good stuff. I was dissapointed to see that most advice centered on what you can't have, rather than on what you can.  I therefore decided to write my own recipes to accompany her through the differing stages of her pregnancy. When we both became parents i began to then focus on dishes that were quick to make, would give us energy and could, in most cases be eaten with one hand.

Since then At Dad's Table has been featured in Selfish Mother, The FMLY Man, Mumfidential, Mother of Maniacs and more. To date we've also partnered with some fantastic companies including Riverford, Robert Welch, Yeo Valley, Biona Organic and LiveLean. 

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