About Me

I’m Adam, a husband, Dad to Basti and Benji, two little pocket rockets born in 2017 and 2020 (with another due to join us in April 2022!) and a Leiths trained chef. I’m the founder of At Dad’s Table, author of How to Grow your Family and I specialise in fun, positive and delicious pregnancy, weaning and family recipes.

My Experience in the Kitchen

Since I can remember I’ve always loved experimenting in the kitchen whether it was putting random ingredients in stir frys or almost burning down the house trying to flambé on pancake day.

I’m from London originally and went to university in Nottingham but study and work enabled me to spend a large part of my twenties living in South America, Switzerland and Singapore. I loved throwing myself into different cultures and more importantly, local foods and my preference for bright, colourful and fun dishes comes I think from those experiences.

I had a global senior office-based job for several years in business, but desk jobs never satisfied me. In 2016 I started training after work at Leiths School of Food and Wine in London and around the same time my wife became pregnant with our first child.

Founding At Dad’s Table

On seeing the quite passive advice out there on what to eat during pregnancy I began to have the germ of an idea about creating dishes to make you feel good during pregnancy and beyond. As my family grew so did my recipes to cover weaning and family food.

In 2019, the entire events industry worldwide came to a halt due to covid and so I started working on At Dad’s Table full time. I’ve never been happier and adore creating positive, happy food for families all over the world.

As well as recipe creation, public speaking and cookbook writing I also work with several leading global brands, something I love to do. For more information on partnerships click here.

In March 2022 my debut cookbook ‘How to Grow your Family’ will be published. It epitomises the positive recipes I create and contains over 120 recipes to accompany the reader from pregnancy through to new parents one dish at a time.

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