Flora Plant taste-testing with Rylan Clarke-Neal

I was delighted to team up with Rylan Clarke-Neal to promote the launch of Flora’s new plant-based butter, Flora Plant.

Rylan and I met at a central London studio to film our taste test. The premise was that Rylan would cook two identical dishes, one using dairy-based butter, the other using Flora plant plant-based butter. I’d then try both and see if I could identify which dish was made with Flora Plant.

What really surprised me was that both dishes (Mexican corn on the cob) really tasted exactly the same!

After our day filming, I then posted images on my Instagram describing my day and the overall message of Flora Plant. I also used my stories to show some exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of the day.

I really enjoyed filming with Rylan and I loved the original idea from Flora Plant that their plant-based butter tasted exactly the same as ‘normal’  butter.

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