What to eat and when

The secret trimester



The first trimester can be a bit of a challenge food-wise, whether you have morning sickness or not. My wife Anni found that the sight of anything green and healthy made her feel sick and that all she really wanted to eat was bland, beige-coloured food high in carbs.  In this section you'll find lots of recipes using eggs and wholegrain pasta, rice, bread, sweet potatoes etc. Anni also couldn’t stomach vegetables in her first trimester, so I hid them in pesto, soups, scrambled eggs and stir frys which seemed to do the trick. My wife also craved protein and iron so we ate more tofu, meat, fish, nuts, cereals, bean and pulses too.

The honeymoon trimester



Ah, the beautiful second trimester, otherwise known as the honeymoon trimester. Any morning sickness has gone and the body is getting on with its job of growing a baby, and for that you need to focus on foods rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. We are talking lots of fruit, yoghurt, cheeses like feta and halloumi, hummus, avocado and vegetables like carrots and broccoli. This is in addition to the protein and omega-3 rich foods like pulses, salmon and chicken that are great for the first trimester. For my wife this was also a time where she started to eat all of the fruits and vegetables she couldn’t face in the months before.

The get your game face on trimester


During the third trimester the focus changes to prioritise complex carbs, foods that give you energy such as wholegrain bread and pasta, brown rice cereals and sweet potatoes. At this point you should be eating two servings of protein every day so there a lots of recipes involving fish, chicken, nuts and seeds, beans and tofu. Vitamin C and fibre are also more important in the third trimester, we're talking more fruit, tomatoes and peppers too. 

So, there's a baby in your home


Now that there is a little person in your house requiring 24 hour care you'll be wanting to eat food that gives you energy rather than food that makes you tired.  Much like the third trimester, foods packed with complex carbs and protein are a great idea and if one of you is breastfeeding not only do you need lots of carbs, but calcium rich foods containing yoghurt, cheese and milk too.