Radish Soup

Radish Soup! I do have a confession though, I can't take the credit for this dish. I was reading some Peter Rabbit to my eldest and in one of the stories Peter has some homemade radish soup and it looked really good so…

Prep: 10mins

Cook: 20mins

Ready in: 30mins

Serving Size: 4

Dietary info: Vegetarian Baby-Friendly Family Food Lunch/Dinner Plant-Based Pregnancy Friendly


  • Around 200g radishes
  • 1 onion
  • A few sprigs of thyme
  • 2 potatoes
  • 250ml milk

How To Make It

  • Step 1.

    Top and tail the radishes, slice then cook with a diced onion and a tablespoon of olive oil for 5 minutes. I also added in a few sprigs of thyme, some salt and black pepper.
  • Step 2.

    After 5 mins when they are all sweated down add 2 peeled and cubed potatoes and around 250ml milk, plant based or not.
  • Step 3.

    Cook again for another 5-7 minutes until the potatoes are soft.
  • Step 4.

    Blend everything together and top with some diced radishes and more thyme

Serve & Enjoy

Nutritional Info

Radishes are actually a really healthy vegetable and a good source of vitamin B, C, calcium, folate and more.

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