Pre-Order my Debut Cookbook!

My debut cookbook, How to Grow Your Family is now available to pre-order online on all major bookseller websites! The book will be released in early March 2022, just in time for Mothers’ Day and I just can’t wait to see it out in the world.

It’s been a real labour of love creating this book. As well as writing the recipes I also shot all images over lockdown with the kids around (I’ll save the outtakes for another post!). Needless to say I think they were a little confused about what it was I was doing!

How to Grow your Family provides recipes to accompany you from pregnancy through to weaning and family foods. It’s divided into 6 chapters (Trimesters 1-3, Fuel for new parents, Weaning and Family Food) and I want it to be a positive resource to be used during this exciting, yet exhausting time.

The idea for this book came about when my wife was pregnant for the first time and I was really looking forward to cooking healthy and tasty pregnancy-supporting dishes for her. However I found current advice out there tended to focus more on what she shouldn’t eat rather than how to incorporate the foods that were good to eat in pregnancy, into regular, easy-to-make meals. I therefore started to create my own dishes for her to accompany the changing tastes, cravings and requirements of each trimester, and the idea for the book came from there.

Like everything I make, it focuses on food positivity. I strongly believe that food should make you feel good about yourself, not bad. During this time there’s so many different voices telling you what you must and mustn’t do, and it’s a scary time for new parents that’s for sure. I want How to Grow Your Family to be a well-thumbed place of calm for those looking for some tasty, feel-good food whilst they get on with growing their family.

I’ll be talking about it more over the coming weeks but I just wanted to let you know that you can now pre-order!

Welcome to my brand new website!

Lets face it, this has been long overdue. I know my strengths and attention to detail and organisation do not appear on that list, and as such I’ve never done a good job of collating my recipes and having a space outside of Instagram that houses everything about me, my dishes and my book. Well, no longer!

I love the feel and colour of this new space. Most importantly I’ll be sharing all of the recipes I post on Insta, giving clear instructions on the ingredients you need and how to make them. I’ll also be sharing some nutritional info about the meals as well as how to mix it up and take away or add certain foods to make it vegetarian/vegan.

As well as the recipes I’ll be keeping this section up to date with lots of news and behind the scenes insights into At Dad’s Table.

There’s a section devoted to my debut cookbook ‘How to Grow your Family’ which is now available to order too.

If you’re from a brand and interested in potentially working together there’s also a specific section devoted to case studies on my previous work with several leading global brands and an area to download my current media kit.

So what do you think? And is there anything specific you’d like to see on the website?

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